Research Interests

1. Simulation of reactive transport in porous media

The generation of multicomponent porous structure (cement paste) and simulation of ionic diffusion in porous media

  • Yang Y, Wang M. Cement and Concrete Composites. 2018, 85: 92-104.

2.Electrokinetic phenomena and coupling multiphysics transport

Electrical potential and cation concentration distributions in nano-scale porous media [surface is negative charged]

  • Yang Y, Wang M. Environmental Science & Technology. 2019, 53: 1976-1984.
  • Yang Y, Wang M. Journal of Colloid and Interface Science. 2018, 514: 443-451.

  3.Multiscale strategies (atomic scale→ pore scale → macro scale)

Multiscale modeling of ion diffusion in cement paste

  • Yang Y et al. Cement and Concrete Composites. 2019, 96: 55-65.
  • Yang Y, Wang M. Phys Rev E. 2017, 96: 023308.

4.Lattice Boltzmann algorithm and high performance computing

Parallelization of three dimensional porous media to a two dimensional grid of
blocks and a one dimensional batch of threads on GPGPU

Performance of the implemented LBM solver on CPU and GPU.